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eAssistance Privacy Statement

I have requested access to Wyeth’s eAssistance Web site (site). Any information and services provided by the site are supplied as a professional courtesy, and Wyeth may contact me regarding the site.

This site is for the use of authorized persons only. Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited and usage of this site will be monitored. This site contains confidential business information and the personal data of individuals. The information is for your use only and is not for distribution outside your company, except to authorized consultants. You agree to handle this information confidentially and securely. If you believe that there has been a loss or other compromise of the information on this site or if you have a question regarding the use of this information, immediately contact Wyeth Customer Service at

Except as required by law, your personal information will be used to register you for the eAssistance Web site, validate your status as a direct customer, and for other purposes in connection with the operation of this site.

Only authorized Wyeth personnel will have access to your personal information, except as required by law. Your personal information will not be transferred outside the Wyeth enterprise except to comply with applicable law. Your personal information will be stored in reasonably secure servers located in the U.S.

Your personal information will be kept until you advise us that you wish to update your records or you no longer wish us to maintain your personal information or participate in the eAssistance Customer Service Program. Please contact Wyeth Customer Service (1-800-666-7248 or eAssistance@wyeth.com), or consult the Privacy Policy for more information regarding the handling of your personal information. You may update your personal information using the My Profile maintenance feature of the eAssistance Web site. To delete your personal information, use the My Profile maintenance feature of the eAssistance Web site and follow the directions provided to Delete My Profile.

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